Our lab is located at The University of Georgia, which is ~ 1 hour east of Atlanta.

In this project, the intern will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge epigenetics, genomics and genetics techniques including genome mapping and DNA sequencing. Interns will learn basic molecular biological techniques as well as computational skills necessary for handling large datasets.


The University of Georgia


    The intern will work closely with a graduate student and others in the lab to develop a set of markers that can be used to cytogenetically mark each chromosome of soybean (see Figure). The technique that will be used is FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization). Using BAC clones that are anchored to the genetic map, he/she will associate via FISH each genetic linkage group with a specific chromosome.

The intern will work closely with grad students, technicians and postdoctoral fellows in the completion of this project. Interaction with the broader campus via seminars and training sessions will be available. Intramural athletics are also available during the summer months including softball, soccer and basketball.